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The Family That Makes Together

16 May, 2010

I found this over at CraftNectar today while updating the OOS Links Bar and felt compelled to share it. It’s so true. As part of a couple (3 years this October!) that lives for crafting (in any medium- fabric, wood, paper, stone, wire, film, etc.), I was absolutely ecstatic to read this:

“Countless numbers of people have expressed astonishment at the fact that Bill and I have run a business together for 10 years and spend almost every waking hour together. “I’d end up killing him,” is the comment I’ve heard often. Although we have our moments like any other couple, I have long thought that working together at FunQuilts has made our marriage stronger.

At last research is bearing out what I’ve been saying. The 2009 State of Our Unions, report issued by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia and the Institute for American Values has released a list of five factors that correlate to marital bliss. Number One is “Make Your Own Homemade Goods.” Seriously?

Researchers claim that making things together results in partners having “a sense of solidarity.” Partners can garden together, cook together, share a craft or engage in some other aspect of the home economy. The strengthening of the bonds by making homemade goods also applies between parents and children, according to the research. “In short, the family that makes together stays together,” claims the report. As a family whose 1996 Honda wagon just hit 100,000 miles, I was heartened to read that research shows that thrifty couples are generally the happiest.” (CraftNectar)