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Bleach Is My New Best Friend

15 May, 2010

Today I bring you one of my favourite methods for customizing clothing, courtesy of– Bleach Pen Embroidery!

Okay, that’s a little misleading, because you can do it a couple different ways- using a bleach pen, or a bleach solution with cotton balls and ear cleaners, or even using bleach in a spraybottle. All of them look pretty frickin’ amazing.

Both the concept and the execution are incredibly simple: get an article of clothing in need of sprucing up, preferably in a dark colour (though I imagine you could do this on pastels too) and a super-special-awesome design. Embroider it on by hand or let your ubercool embroidery machine do the work for you (or, if you’re not up for embroidery, cut out a stencil and lay it out flat on your clothes). Grab your bleach pen or mix up a 1:1  bleach solution and grab some ear cleaners and cotton balls. Draw away. If you went with the spraybottle method, spray around your stencil. Wait for the bleach to work its awesome on your shirt/pants/pillow/hat/whatever. Wash out the bleach and wait for the clothing to dry. Repeat if desired.

The results are absolutely amazing:

KimberyMichelle's "Sleeping Beauty's Castle" shirt

UrbanThreads' Western Grunge Shirt

UrbanThreads' PenPal Pillow

De-Miley-fied Skinny Jeans

My Own De-Miley-fied Skinny Jeans

I love– check them out. Right now. Go. Do it! NOW!