Glossary of Terms

If you’re ever unclear on a term, you can come here to find a definition.

ARMSCYE – the armhole, or the fabric edge to which the sleeve is sewn. the width is the distance across the hole at the widest point.

ARMSCYE LENGTH – the total length of the armscye edge. To find this measurement, lay a length of string or a flexible tape measure along the edge of the armscye.

ARMSCYE WIDTH- the distance across the armscye hole at its widest point.

ARMSCYE LINE- marks the lowest point of the armscye.

MAXIMUM DEVIATION- the farthest distance that a curved line between two points will deviate from a straight line between the same two points.

PLAQUETTE- a slit in the fabric, or layers of fabric used to hide such a slit. Used to facilitate putting on or removing an article of clothing. Often used in men’s shirt cuffs, dress shirts and blouses, and dresses.


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