Gothic Neo-Victoriana

19 May, 2010

If I had to name my ideal style, this would probably be it.

Every summer and winter, I try to have some sort of theme to my projects. Two years ago, it was Gypsy Rogue. Last summer it was 50’s Housewife, last winter was Businesswear. Now that summer has rolled around again, I’ve found my new Project Series.

History is very inspiring to me- it’s been the basis of my most recent photography work as well, so I want to pay homage to the styles of the Gothic, Victorian and Edwardian eras through modern, everyday-wearable fashions.

In short- why yes, I do like looking overly fancy and ostentatious on a daily basis, thank you.

Here are some inspiration shots for my Projets-du-Jours over the next few months.

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  1. If you make that black dress, it will be awesome. Or the boots. Just sayin’.

    • I will make the white spats. Count on it.
      Which black dress- the long gauzy Pyramid Collection one or the Pinstripe Lolita dress?

      • The long gauzy PC one.

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